We all know how important the education is. We all like to educate our children any how.How lucky with some of the children that they are getting better education but there are many children reluctantly they are not getting opportunity to go to school. SANJIWANI PUBLIC HEALTH MISSION NEPAL started a small step  on supporting five  Dalit (poor and discriminated) children to provide schooling them.

Dalit Students

If anyone like to become a GOD Mother/ Father please help this children to continue their education by paying their school fee, school dress and stationary.

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Namaste, Or “G’day” as we Aussies say. Welcome to the first newsletter from Sanjiwani Australia Incorporated. Who are we? Sanjiwani Australia Inc is a ‘not-for-profit’ group that has been set up by 5 passionate people to raise funds for the Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal (SPHMN). A small medical clinic in the village of Ghandruk in the Annapurna region of Nepal.

Some of you will know about Sanjiwani Australia Inc. or SPHMN. If you have trekked in Nepal you will have met the President of SPHMN Mr Bir Singh Gurung, or you may have met the Sanjiwani Committee members in your travels. The current committee of Sanjiwani Australia Inc is Shelly Voigt, President; Dr Louise Hayes, Secretary; Chris Hitching Treasurer; Phil Hayes and Allen Jesson committee members, It is our friendship with Bir Singh and his commitment to the medical clinic in Ghandruk that has seen the formation of Sanjiwani Australia Inc. We are a multi-national group with most of us based in either Australia or England, who are raising awareness and much needed funds to keep the clinic operating. We welcome new members from around the world to join our committee to help us with these goals.

What have we been up to:

• We now have a couple of fundraising events under our belt and have raised over $2000. This has been banked and is now employing our valuable medical staff for an extra few months until we can seek more sponsors.

• Chris has been working hard to find an organisation that is happy to accept your donation on-line without incurring huge fees, that will go directly into the Sanjiwani Australia Inc bank account. ALL money collected goes to SPHMN. We are all volunteers, both here and in Nepal, so at the moment 100% of your donation is making a difference to the lives of many families and individuals in Ghandruk. Did you know in the last 12 months, 5,000 patients have visited the clinic. With our annual clinic operating costs at approximately $20,000AUD, this equates to $4/person. Cheap by western standards but unaffordable for most Nepalese, which is why we offer a free medical service. For more information on what we offer and do, check out our websites at www.sanjiwani.net.au or the Nepal site at www.sanjiwani.org.np and visit our facebook page

• Sanjiwani is now on Facebook! Visit our facebook page and share it with your friends

Facebook Sanjiwani

• Our clinic in Ghandruk is moving. We are currently renovating an existing building ready for our move. It has been hard work and we have had one team come and help with this work last October. They were part of the World Expeditions Community Project. This team of very hard working individuals gave up 5 days of their holiday and spent time working tirelessly carrying timber and rocks for the renovation. Check out the photos on our facebook page, it was a great effort. One of the participants came home to Australia and wrote a terrific story for her local newspaper, see

Louise In The News

There is also another great article, see

Louise In The News Again

The villagers in Ghandruk have been working non-stop to get as much work done before the cold winter weather sets in. The second community project is happening this coming April. Six people have signed up to date and are getting very excited to be part of the second phase of this renovation work. If you are interested and want to be involved, contact us or World Expeditions www.worldexpeditions.com . There were also some interesting articles recently in the liftout Travel section of the West Australian newspaper, 21 January 2012 on Voluntourism and in particular the Sanjiwani Clinic, see http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/lifestyle/a/-/lifestyle/12669460/hard-walks-good-works/ and http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/lifestyle/a/-/lifestyle/12655695/holidays-with-a-heart/

What is happening next?

APRIL 2012 Stage 2 of the Community Project to finish the renovation of the medical clinic in Ghandruk. We hope to have the roof on by then and the next group will be involved with interior fixing work. View the pictures on our facebook page to see where we have come from and now got to with the renovation work. The villagers of Ghandruk have done an amazing amount of work and are looking forward to having new facilities available to them very soon.

MAY 2012 We are very excited. Marathon runner Lousie Edwards has come on board and is running for Sanjiwani. Louise is competing in the Everest Marathon in May this year – “Run Everest 2012”. On May 29, 2012 a mix of local and international runners will gather to embark on one of the world’s ultimate challenges. During the 42.2km race, they will run past the highest glaciers and moraines in the world, pass many monasteries, cross suspension bridges, meander through the rhododendron forests and wild orchard groves.

If you haven’t already guessed this high altitude marathon commemorates the historical ascent of Mount Everest by Late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1953. The adventure begins at Everest Base Camp (5362m) with the course weaving through one of the the most beautiful landscapes in the world inhabited by legendary sherpa climbers.

Louise is thrilled (and scared) to take on the challenge of running through this harsh yet beautiful course. She is running for the personal challenge but also to raise awareness and support for the Sanjiwani. She is seeking sponsorship and directing funds to the Sanjiwani Clinic. So if you live in Melbourne, give Louise your support and encouragement if you see her out training. It will be a tough race, running at altitude near the highest peak in the world!!

If you would like to sponsor Louise you can donate to Sponsor Louise

Lastly We are seeking sponsors to keep the clinic operating. The term of our major sponsor from Italy finishes soon and we are looking for interested individuals or businesses to come on board and provide regular commited funds for a period of time so that we can offer new contracts to our medical staff. If you are interested or know of a business that would like to be involved please let us know. I have attached our Sponsorship Proposal, but of course any support that can be offered will be accepted. Please feel free to pass this newsletter onto your friends, we value yours and their support. Regards Shelly Voigt President Sanjiwani Australia Inc web: sanjiwani.net.au NB Please contact us if you no longer wish to receive this quarterly newsletter

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First of all we Sanjiwani Public health Mission Nepal would like to thank World Expeditions for arranging group for the Ghandruk Clinic for the project work on extending building and look forward for their up coming support. Our second stages there will be many work to be done on interior renovation, furniture work and paintings.

Secondly we are greatful to have all the participant on their valueable hard work and financial support to keep our clinic to sustain longer for the people of Ghandruk. It wasn’t an easy work that they have done it was really torturing labouring work that they have done and they were always energetic and always looking for the more left over work until there was day light. I proudly understood their caring to people and their kindness to the needy people on health care. Thank you so much for all of you and we wish you all the best for your happy and healthy life.


Bir Singh

Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal

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In 2007 Bir Singh Gurung, a local Nepalese trekking and expedition leader, decided to undertake a project that would make a real difference to the lives of remote Nepalese villagers. In the thirteen years that Bir Singh has been employed by …



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