Ongoing Progress

Medical Update
The number of patients treated annually since SPHMN inception has steadily increased;
In 2007 – 3000 patients: 1400 male / 1600 female
2008 – 3192: 1560 male / 1632 female
2009 – 4079: 1759 male / 2320 female
2010 – 4432: 1932 male / 2500 female
During this 4 year period there has been an approximate 50% increase in the number of patients visiting the clinic.

The medical team treat over 70 different types of illnesses. For example in 2009 over 50% of cases were for:
Intestinal worms – 411 cases
Abscess/Dressing – 354 cases
Acute Gastro – 344 cases
URTI – 329 cases
Gostritis – 312 cases
Tonsilitis – 231 cases; and
Otitis media and Conjunctivitis – 217 cases
Our medical team also:
deliver a Health Program in the community
carry out regular health check-ups at the school and childcare centre
support the local sub-health clinic to deliver the immunization program.
each year SPHMN staff work as volunteers at the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) health camp, visiting different villages across the region. The medicines are supplied by the ACA Project and SPHMN staff carry out health check-ups and prescribe medicines.
Add in pictures here of health camp checkups ALLEN I will send these in separate email
Short and Long-term Plans
1. Seek long-term sponsor(s), 1-3year commitment, to cover staff wages
2. Meet annual clinic and laboratory running costs
3. Source free medical supplies and equipment
4. Provide training opportunities for existing staff
5. Train and Employ additional medical staff – nurse and laboratory
6. Employ a guard
7. Upgrade and or replace existing building to improve medical service that can be offered
8. Have SPHMN supported by the government

Annual and Projected Budgets
The annual running cost for the clinic is approximately $20,000. This is made up of:
Wages* (doctor, nurse and laboratory assistant) – $17,600
Reporting, auditing and legal requirements – $400
Repairs, maintenance and equipment purchase – $1000
Laboratory materials, internet and other consumables – $1000

The continuing and new services that the clinic can offer will be dependent on new funding opportunities through grants, sponsorship and donation.
Train additional nurse & laboratory assistant – $8000
Construct new purpose built medical building – $20000
Employment of a security guard

*From February 2012 unless a new sponsor is found there will be a shortfall in the wages budget and SPHMN will have to review the number of staff it can continue to employ.

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