Sanjiwani Community Project Group

Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Building Project

October 2011 and April 2012

In 2011 and 2012, World Expeditions (an Australian based adventure travel company) are running a Community Project in conjunction with SPHMN to repair and renovate the current building in Ghandruk where the health service is provided. October 2011 will see an extension to the existing building. In April 2012 the work will be to repair windows, doors and painting of rooms, plus an upgrade to the furniture and fixtures. This project is being run through World Expeditions’ Community Project Travel (CPT) program, which ensures there is close consultation with local community leaders to ensure the achievability and success of the project. A group of international participants will work alongside local trades people and the local Ghandruk community. The Sanjiwani CTP is being sponsored by The Travel Doctor – TMVC, who play the important role of spreading the word about the project they are sponsoring to their membership and networks so that sufficient participants are attracted. This is to ensure that enough funds and workforce are available to complete the project. Become involved; contact your nearest World Expeditions Office.

Become involved and help us build for the future

The current medical facility is small, we need more room. If we could keep our patients in overnight, have a hostel for our staff so they can care for patients, improve our laboratory, provide a waiting area and toilet facilities, we will be able to offer a much improved medical service. We encourage you to get involved. Make up your own group to come and do some community work. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact World Expeditions.

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